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About company

Great quality due to synergy between Hennecke standards and Lithuanian execution

Hennordic is a member of Umega Group – internationaly presented group of the companies with general competence in metal processing.

Hennordic is located in city Ukmerge, 70 km from capital city Vilnius, nearby highroad towards Riga/Latvia.

We value long-term cooperation with our customers from various industries accros Europe. Our customers choose us for our flexibility, deep know-how in metal processing, one-window shop solution and our attitude to go extra mile.

With roots since 1919, we constantly evolve and improve our offerings while maximizing value to our long-term customers. We provide our customers with services as cutting, forming, joining, surface processing, assembling, and delivering.

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ISO 9001:2015
quality standard
ISO 14001:2015
quality standard

Our History

1919 - 1964
1965 - 1990
1991 - 2007
2008 - 2016
2019 and further
1919 - 1964
1965 - 1990
1991 - 2007
2008 - 2016
2019 and further

Roots of company started as a small workshop. Main activity – repair of agricultural and household products.

Foundation of a  plant for  agricultural  machinery  production.

Expansion of production. New activity of valves and piston rings production for low pressure compressors under “Vienybe” brand name. This production plant was the only plant in Soviet Union for Valves and piston product category.

SNOL became  the largest  laboratory ovens  manufacturer in  the Soviet Union

The start of contract manufacturing business area. First products for furniture industry were exported to Western Europe and opened possibilities to serve other industries in metal contract manufacturing. Due to expertise in engineering and R&D let company to introduce for market new product series under “Vienybe” brandname as air blowers, household heating solutions.

Acquisition of “Vienybe” production plant to company group AB “UMEGA”. AB “UMEGA” after this acquisition owns three production plants in Lithuania and becomes one of strongest metal processing companies in Baltic States.

LEAN manufacturing model implementation was launched in order to make more efficient processes in a company.

The Company already benefits from it, as manufacturing processes improve, time of order execution reduces and the quality of the products improves.

Over 3 million EUR are invested in new production machinery to serve customers with new technology better and in more efficient way.

Merged with Walter Th. Hennecke GmbH (Germany)
Acquisition of Biokaitra

Launch of  new ERP  system

Contract manufacturing becomes the company’s main field of activity. The company becomes a full-fledged contract manufacturing provider in creating synergy with its partners in Germany.

New image for the group is created; the name of brand is changed: “Vienybė“ (Unity) is replaced with “Hennordic“.

Investments into production are initiated in order to improve the production flow and working conditions for employees. Trumpf machines are acquired; flooring is installed.

Reorganization is continued; a Monitor ERP system is deployed.The company celebrates its 100th anniversary.

Our Values

Responsibility and Expertise

We are proud of what we do.

We are strongly committed to our customers, partners and colleagues.

We believe that people – employees, customers, partners and shareholders – are our key strength.

We are building a professional working environment. We work together to create and to implement the best solutions, and so we proactively share knowledge, listen and understand different views, engage each other and benefit from knowledge and experience of every member of our team.

We take personal responsibility for our actions and results.

We are creative and proactive, we take calculated risks, learn from mistake and develop our experience one step at a time.

Respect and Transparency

We praise the principles of fairness and justice.

We respect every customer, partner and colleague.

Every one of us are building and are responsible for the reputation of our company. And so we protect it.

We care for environment and our assets. We are also responsible members of our society.

We base teamwork on openness and trust.

Quality and Innovation

We strive for optimally reliable solutions their quality-driven implementations.

We are building an organization and systems that empower perpetual growth.

We strive for simplicity in our structure and processes, and so we change those that don’t benefit our value.

We keep seeking best value for our customers and company, and so we create, learn and share knowledge one day at a time.

We have a passion for business results that inspire our customers for long-term partnerships.


While working according to environmental standard ISO14001, company constantly strives to reduce its carbon footprint and improve energy efficiency.

Since 2020 company uses 100% green electricity. Around 30% of energy is generated using solar panels on the roof of the production facilities. The rest of the electrical energy comes from green energy supplier and is generated using only power from renewable energy sources.

A certificate can be found here.

Heating of the production area and administration building is produced using biofuel – straw rolls.


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